Altesa’s pipeline consists of a Phase 2clinical-stage drug (vapendavir), a late-preclinical stage drug (ALT-2023), and a number of potential drug candidates now in development at Emory that may be licensed by Atlesa in the future.

Vapendavir, a broad-spectrum capsid inhibitor (prevents the virus from entering human cells and also prevents the virus from reproducing) with potent activity across 97% of rhinoviruses and other respiratory enteroviruses, is our most advanced pipeline drug. Altesa has exclusive global rights to develop, manufacture, and commercialize vapendavir. This novel antiviral treatment, which is taken in pill form, is in a Phase 2b clinical trial sponsored by Altesa.

ALT-2023 is a late preclinical stage drug that could be in human clinical trials in 2024.  Licensed from Emory, this molecule is a broad-spectrum nucleoside analog (prevents effective viral replication), active against most enteroviruses, and flaviviruses (causing dengue, yellow fever, West Nile disease, Zika, and other serious illnesses).  It also is a highly potent agent against the hepatitis C virus.

ALT-X is meant to represent diverse families of potential drugs now under development within Emory that could potentially be licensed by Altesa. These families target a multitude of viruses responsible for important respiratory infections.